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September 2012

i)    Big Ticket Project Funding presently over-subscribed.

ii)  Letters of Credit and Guarantees can now be provided against a initial deposit of at least $35,000 or 0.15% of the face amount, with the full residual fee to be paid from the proceeds of the loan or moneys (US: monies) raised against the instrument.

January 2013

i)  Bank default guarantees available from some major banks for credit-worthy customers requiring to fund major projects. Email us with details of your requirement.

iii)  Bank loans against precious metal bullion (gold, silver and platinum) are now available. Bullion only and must be stored at a public vault or be transferred to the bank's own vaults prior to the loan, in the form of a credit line, being granted.

iii) Gold and other precious metals now acceptable as security for medium term loans at very attractive rates. See "Bullion Loans"

December 2013

Apologies to all our visitors who visited us while the web site was corrupted by a server provider error.

January 2014

New big ticket commercial project and investment funding facility comes on stream. Ideal for management buy-outs and take-overs. Also provides a bank guaranteed, high yield Euro deposit position. See "Project Funding".

February 2014

High yield Euro and United States Dollar deposit account facility introduced.  Minimum rate of interest set at 6.5% gross per annum for simple cash deposits, rising to over 30% per annum for structured deposits. Standing and fixed costs make this facility unattractive for amounts of less than Euros 5,000,000 or USD equivalent. Both capital and 6.5% pa. interest are guaranteed by an investment grade, Western European bank. 













B e n i n g t o n   S e c u r i t i e s
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