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In the first instance, please email us with outlines of your specific needs. Please do not send us fully detailed business plans or executive summaries.  We will ask for these as and when the time is right.

We receive many hundreds of enquiries each year and so it is not possible for us effectively to deal with any one enquiry immediately upon receipt or demand.  For this reason we do not receive visitors except by prior appointment. By receiving and reviewing your requirements in writing we will be able to give a meaningful response in the shortest possible time. An appointment will then be arranged with the appropriate member of our small but dedicated team. Personal meetings and interviews will generally be in London, England or Dubai, UAE..
Please note that we do not respond to non-specific general enquiries from individuals.   All enquiries should provide at least the following information:


Project Finance  &
Real Estate Funding

Minimum: USD15 million.
Brief project outlines, five pages or less, if possible please.
Amount and term required with an estimated draw-down schedule.
Repayment and/or exit strategy
Stock Loans:
Minimum: USD1 million
Full description of the stock, treasury note or equity certificate / shares that are offered as collateral for the intended loan.  Confirm ownership and intended use of funds and term required.
Bank Guarantees
Minimum 50 million
Amount and term required.
Issuing Bank and office, face amount, term to maturity, etc.
Intended use.
Receiving bank name and location.
Bullion Loans
Minimum $ 1 million
Nature of bullion offered, hall marks, location.
Confirm outright ownership.
Amount required and term.
Use of funds
Proof of Funds
Minimum 10 million
Amount and term required.
Intended use.
Preferred format and method of delivery.
All Other Facilities
Only available to existing clients,
customers and brokers
Amount, term and type of facility required.
Use to which the facility is to be put.
Identity of receiving bank.
In all Cases
Full contact details showing physical address, registered office and, if applicable, corporate details and domicile of registration. 
Confirmation of the availability of the Facility Fee issued by a bank, attorney or accountant.

If not already connected, please set up a Skype account for the principal contact and advise us of your Skype ID. 

Generalised, "What if" enquiries will usually  remain unanswered.

Please email to: ben.secs@usa.net

Office Hours:


UK: 12 noon - 12 midnight, Monday - Friday.
Full contact details, telephone numbers, etc., available to bona fide applicants only

B e n i n g t o n   S e c u r i t i e s
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