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Cut & paste this entire panel.

Email completed pages to:  ben.secs@usa.net  (subject line "BTF Enquiry")


PROJECT TITLE:______________________________________.

PRELIMINARY INFORMATION - Preferred Initial Enquiry Format.


Loan Requested:


Capital Sum:  USD.  __________________   Term:    _______ Months / Years

Indicative Interest Rate:    5.5% per annum - payable semi-annually in arrears   


Loan Applicant & Contractor:

Full Name, address, web site  and contact information for both parties:





Main Directors/Partners History/Track Record:






Confirmation of Liquidity of 10% of the Capital Loan Sum:

Is this to be provided by the Applicant? If not then who by?

If available, please provide a bank statement or letter of confirmation from a bank or government department.

If the documentation is not in English, please provide am English translation.






Loan Guarantor:

Outline terms of any Municipal/State/Sovereign Guarantee









Project Outline:

Brief description of the project. No more than 500 words please.





Project Financials:


Capital Loan Amount:           USD_________________

Excluding deferred interest

                                            (____________________________________ United States Dollars)

Loan Term:                           _____________ years  / months

Initial Amount:                     Year/Qtr/Month   __:          $ ___________________

Second Amount:                   Year/Qtr/Month  __:          $ ___________________

Third Amount:                      Year/Qtr/Month  __:          $ ___________________

Add in further years, quarters or months, as required

 Final Amount                        Year/Qtr/Month  __:         $ ___________________


Special Requirements:




Estimated Capital Repayment Schedule:

(Estimated)                            Year __:              $ ___________________

                                            Year __:              $ ___________________

                                            Year __:              $ ___________________

Add in further years as required

Final                                     Year __:               $ ___________________





Interest Deferment Required:

Interest Payments to commence ______________ year/Qtr/month.

Special Requirements:




Exit Strategy (Source of Repayment Funds):

Please include a summarised, consolidated, annualised, cash-flow estimate for the entire loan period.






Additional Information: